The Kings of the Hill

The Kings of the Hill

Power and politics are a part of life. The struggle for resources inevitably leads to fights and the ones who understand the rules of the game and bend them to their will, finally win.

While we were ambling around a Gelada colony in Simien Mountains, we witnessed this dramatic struggle for a “throne”, in the middle of the grassy kingdom.

Here is how it unfolded.

Chapter 1: Struggle for resources

No matter how good the friendship probably was between these baby Gelada monkeys, this day, the bond of friendship was not meant to be strong enough for them to avoid fighting.

The reason being, everyone likes to be at the top, in charge.

It so happened that while they were playing, they stumbled upon this cozy rock in the middle of the grass. The first 2 monkeys that reached there immediately perched themselves there comfortably.

The other two latecomers stood stranded below and by the looks of it, they did not like it at all. They probably felt a tinge of jealousy there.

There were 4 friends, playing around. But only 2 could sit comfortably on the rock

Chapter 2: Requesting the Incumbents for Space

So, whats the way out now?

It looked like the two kids on the grass decided to plead with the ones on the rock to let them come up. I am using a lot of my imagination here, but yup, that’s the closest I could get to describe this.

Would be great if you could let us on that rock

Chapter 3: Get the hell out of my face!

Well, they were not really met with a pleasant response from the incumbents. Who would want to let go of premium space for charity? Not this monkey.

Get out of my face!

Chapter 4: The simpleton and the sneaky one

At this point, the plot took a twist. One of the grass monkeys decided, “Enough is enough”, and stopped sitting quietly in front of the rock, while the other kept communicating with the rock monkeys.

He gets up and slowly sneaks off, definitely up to no good.

Sneakily standing up

Chapter 5: Sneaking continues

So, our man has decided to sneak up to the rock from behind. Check the two pics of the progression.

Sneaking in: part 2
Sneaking in: part 3

Chapter 6: Making space behind

So, our smart little grass monkey got the better of the other three and found some space for himself, while the other two rock monkeys are busy shooing the other grass monkey away.

Check out the pics below on how he slowly creeps up at the back of the rock monkey in the middle.

Shooing away the poor grass monkey
Use your head buddy, See, there is no space here

Chapter 7: The rock monkeys realize they have been fooled

Shit! when did this guy get in?
What the heck, would be tough getting him off our turf. Lets adjust and accommodate

Chapter 8: Betrayal

Once the grass monkey found his space on the rock, see how he turns against he previous playmate on the grass. He goes absolutely bonkers and kicks him out of the place.

Dude, how the hell did you manage to get on the rock?
Doesn’t matter, looser!
Get out of here, or face the wrath of the mighty rock monkey tribe!

Chapter 9: Peace Treaty

The poor grass monkey had to admit defeat. He was out of his wits and decided he had to find his fortune elsewhere.

So, finally it came down to a tripartite agreement to settle down peacefully in their tiny kingdom of rock, and rule over it justly.

And they lived happily ever after (I hope!)

It was a cool story that unfolded and I know my storytelling probably did not do justice to the real drama on ground. But I hope the pictures provided some entertainment for you.

Until the next post, adios! Feel free to drop your comments in the comments section below!

Gear Used:

Nikon D750 camera, with a Nikon 70-300mm AF-P VR Fx lens.

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